Writing simple Telegram bot with Telethon
In this article I will quickly create a showcase of using [Telethon Python library]( in order to make a simple [Telegram]( bot. Our bot will be a member of a group/channel and once someone changes group's description bot will post that about information as a separate message. ### Preparation We need a couple of things in order to get started 1. Register a new bot with a help of [BotFather]( 2. Create new API application to obtain `APP_ID` and `APP_HASH` variables. Follow [the steps here]( ![registering an app](/img/article/e5d53b14217b3ba28d50cd0263835238.png) 3. Install Telethon library. Both regular `pip install telethon` and modern `poetry add telethon` will work. 4. Make sure you are familiar with [asyncio]( and [how asynchronous programming works]( in Python. ### Handling the right event We can listen to any event that happens in a chat. For example when a title/description has been changed we will receive [ChatAction event]( In the example below we will listen to any incoming message in the group responding with an updated description. First we need to create a bot instance ``` from telethon.sync import TelegramClient # make sure you have defined api_id, api_has, bot_token somewhere in the code bot = TelegramClient('bot', API_ID, API_HASH).start(bot_token=BOT_TOKEN) ``` Once done we need to create a handler responsible of dealing with the specific kind of the events ``` from telethon.sync import events @bot.on(events.NewMessage) async def any_message_arrived_handler(event): print('We are handling message events') ``` Now let's run execution loop and add the bot to any test group we already have ``` bot.run_until_disconnected() ``` You will see logging in your console after any new message arrives into the channel. ### Implementing the logic The one most important thing left is to implement the main application logic ``` from telethon import functions DESC = '' async def any_message_arrived_handler(event): global DESC chat = await event.get_chat() result = await bot(functions.messages.GetFullChatRequest( )) description = result.full_chat.about if description != DESC: DESC = description await bot.send_message(, f'Description has been changed to **{description}**') ``` As you can see we store current topic in a global variable, so once process restarts we would loose latest topic. You can use [Sqlite]( to have a simple persistent storage or just write it to the file. The only trick here is to obtain [ChatFull]( instance otherwise we will not be able to get the description. That's it, now you are able to enhance it with any custom features you want. Happy coding! ### Resources * [Complete project on the Github]( * [Related StackOverflow question]( * [Use Poetry in your project](

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